eCommerce website trends

In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, it’s important to continually evaluate your online offering so you remain relevant to your customers. Part of that means staying ahead of the latest trends. So to help you do just that, your friends at Bonsai Media have put together a 5 minute overview of this year’s main ecommerce trends (we call it the Bonsai Media 5 Minute Overview of this Year’s Main Ecommerce Trends).

1. Social media could be your new best friend: A recommendation from a friend or a relevant ‘brand community’ has a bigger impact with customers than traditional advertising. On top of this, it also leads customers directly back to your online shop. (A great example of this is Brisbane’s Blackmilk. This clothes company was one of 2012’s runaway successes, and while they keep their website designer pretty busy, almost their entire marketing budget is actually spent keeping their Facebook page interesting.)

2. Ecommerce is mobile: smart phones are the new window shopping, so if your ecommerce website design can convert those browsers into shoppers, you’re laughing.

3. Do CRM well and you’re destined for success: online customer relationship management is nothing new, but online customer loyalty is. So it figures that companies that learn to do CRM well will sell more to their existing customers and get more repeat customers, and that equals success.

4. It keeps getting bigger: the ‘e-economy’ keeps growing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

And that means if you’re going to do well in the ecommerce environment, you need the right tools. Bonsai Media can help you out with everything you need; with a presence in both Melbourne and Brisbane, our ecommerce web designers can help with anything from getting your company online, developing your online shop front or re-evaluating your ecommerce web strategies.