IT logos that need some change

If there’s an industry that lays claim to some of the most boring and badly designed logos around, it’s got to be IT. For some reason, they all seem to be pretty much the same (how many IT logo designs have you seen that make the on-button symbol from the ‘O’?).

And at Bonsai Media, we can’t really work out why that is.

The way we see it, the nature of IT opens up a huge range of logo design potentials. Stylised interpretations of the various hardwares and technology used, for example. And as an industry, the overriding themes it deals with, such as leadership, new thinking and ordered thinking are the stuff dream-logo-design briefs are made of. We saw a great logo the other day that used a really simple typographic treatment to show connectivity with pure genius.

The obvious explanation is that the IT industry is ‘conservative’ – but that seems based on pretty out-dated stereotypes. Most of the time the work IT companies are doing is anything but dull. In many cases, Information Technology is as much part of the creative industries as design, web development or advertising. You only need look at the people who make up the new IT industry to see that. These days your average IT geek is switched on, passionate, interested and interesting (they’re now fluent in English, not just in code).

It just doesn’t make sense for IT companies to continually accept poor quality work from their design company (we reckon companies should only accept below-par work if they themselves churn out below-par work). So if you’re looking for an interesting, well-designed logo or branding for your IT company or consultants, and your designers keep delivering boring work, maybe it’s time you spoke to Bonsai Media?