Bonsai Logo Trend Predictions For 2016

It’s the beginning of another year, and we’ve been thinking about the ways the design world has continued to adapt and change over the last twelve months.

Our viewing habits continue to shift from desktop to handheld devices and we’re increasingly viewing information in a setting full of distractions and time-limits. Iconography is playing a bigger role in carrying information in a digital space and we’re depending on icons like the ‘heart’, ‘thumb’ and ‘smiley face’ to communicate our emotions and thoughts in online conversations. Our ‘modern-day hyroglifics’ cut through the small talk to provide instant communication in a time where attention spans are short. Why shouldn’t logos have the same effect?

We reckon a company’s logo is just as, if not more important than its name. A good logo will communicate a company’s identity, relevance and understanding of its use and functionality. We want a brand’s logo to tell us an intriguing story that will cut through the distractions and instantly communicate what needs to be said.

So, in this time where consumer habits are ever changing, what are Bonsai’s predictions for the logo trends of 2016?


This talk about icons taking over the written word is just the beginning of a very complex debate. What we’ve noticed is a shift towards wordmarks cleverly combining icon elements with text to become the logo itself. Using a wordmark is effective in promoting brand name recollection and playfully displaying what the company does. A good wordmark can truly make a business name speak a thousand words.


logo example1-logo design noosalogo example2-logo design noosa


‘Homestyle’, ‘Family-owned’, ‘Natural’, ‘Local’ and ‘Rustic’ are words that are increasingly used to make a business or product seem more real or personable. Giving logos a handmade aesthetic is an effective way to appeal to its audience’s desire to be part of something tangible, human and authentic. We predict that businesses will continue to move away from heavily corporate branding, in an attempt to deliver an intimate and relatable experience to the modern customer.

logo example4-logo design noosalogo example3-logo design noosa


The flat logo is the logical response to mobile devices increasingly dominating how we access content. They are versatile, device-friendly and offer a no-frill modern minimalism. Flat designs also make use of bold, statement colours that stand out on screens. We predict more 2016 logos will opt out of shading and texture, instead embracing the statement boldness and functionality of flat colours.

logo example6-logo design noosalogo example5-logo design noosa


One of the great things about viewing graphics on a screen is the way colours can appear more vibrant, especially when it comes to contrasting colours. This effect works wonders with minimalistic logos, drawing attention to certain design aspects and offering a chic minimalism.

logo example8-logo design noosalogo example7-logo design noosa

So there you have it – our logo trend predictions for 2016! Remember; whether you’re a new business or you’re looking to freshen up your company’s image, a new logo can work wonders. At Bonsai we’re committed to delivering fantastic logos to make your business stand. Contact us for a quote today!