Design Trends 2014

This year, our designers agree, it all boils down to one overarching movement – refinement and simplicity.

Simplicity will be king this year. After the heavy use of textures, gradients and mulit-colours though out 2013, we believe the way forward is going to see a lot of logos stripped back to their most basic elements. In many ways, this is where great logo design steps forward: as the design is refined and reduced to nothing but it’s most important parts, there are no bells and whistles to distract the viewer, only perfectly crafted typography and beautifully simple iconography. A simple logo needs to work harder.

Part of this move towards simplicity will see more logos paired back from multiple typesets to a single font. Over the last year a number of logos have relied on several display fonts; the benefit of this is that each typeset adds to the overall communication. However, with only one font, the designer needs to have the knowledge of type to nail the font choice. They also need to be brave enough to stick with their choice, crafting and finessing the type where necessary.

Another trend we foresee emerging as designers re-fall in love with simplicity is that more and more brands will adopt a logo that uses negative space in it’s design. When it’s well done, negative space is stylish and clever, and suggests a company that is prepared to approach problems from a different angle. When it’s done simply but effectively, negative space is almost unbeatable.

Putting simplicity aside for the time being, we’re predicting a couple of minor trends for the next twelve months. 2013 was the year of circular logos housing a loopy script font logotype. Especially popular with brands aiming at a young hipster audience, they looked great at the time, but it’s time to move on. Besides that, AirAsia nailed the look years ago (sorry Grill’d). Another trend we foresee coming to life is this: recently we’ve seen a couple of great logos that incorporate simple Escher-style impossible shapes. Expect to see a lot more of these over the next twelve months.

When it comes down to it though, this is all guess work, even if it is educated guesswork. The only real way to know what is going to be great in logo design in 2014 is to be part of the process. That’s why, at Bonsai Design, we’d love to help your company redesign your website that sets your business apart as well as standing the test of time.