WordPress security

WordPress is a fantastic platform, but because of its popularity it is prone to hackers.
Unfortunately, many website owners are victims to website hacking. As a popular WordPress developer in Sunshine Coast, we have a lot of people phone us to ask what to do if their website has been hacked.

To save you from calling us after you have a problem, we can help to secure your Wordpress website in advance by preventing hackers accessing your website altogether.

Protecting Your Website from hackers
We can help with a number of areas.

  • Setup a powerful plugin to track and block potential hackers
  • Remove the admin username and create an alternative username 
  • Restrict access to core files
  • Add a hacker blacklist
  • Update WordPress to the Latest version
  • Update plugins to the latest version
  • Backup your database and files
  • Add code into .htacess and wp-content.php which also helps block hackers
  • Install Backup Buddy (worth $75) which enables you to simply backup your website and create automated backups.

It is very important to that your website has WordPress security to prevent losing your website files and data and save on developer repair costs.

If your website has been hacked, we’ll also remove the hack and get your site up and running again.

We secure your website for $220 + GST.
We secure your website + fix your hack for $330 + GST

Start here to enhance your WordPress security:

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